At Planet Kindy we have a comprehensive knowledge of Early Childhood development. We have created learning environments that suit each stage of your child’s development from our Toddler Program through to our Pre-School Advanced School Readiness Program. We have a commitment to a multi-cultural and anti-biased environment for all children and families. Children with special needs will be involved in all aspects of the daily routine.

Pluto Class

2 – 3 years

Carers of the Toddler Room at Planet Kindy understand the importance of play and imagination as essential tools in children’s learning. Children are able to explore and learn about the world around them through an endless variety of experiences and environments which are available to them. Our Early Years learning framework supports children’s individual strengths and interests. All experiences and learning are based on these. Where children are developing the skills and strength required to communicate, discover, imagine and create, carers are there supporting, encouraging and extending every aspect of their development.

Saturn Class

3 – 4 years

Carers and children in the Junior Preschool Room at Planet Kindy work collaboratively to create, communicate, explore and investigate. With a strong focus on developing essential self help skills staff guide and support children to become responsible and capable individuals. We cater to the individual strengths and interests of each child and support them in meeting stage appropriate milestones. All experiences are accessible to the children in our open plan room so that they may gain confidence and involvement in their learning.

Jupiter Class/Preschool Program

4-5 years

Planet Kindy’s School Readiness Program was designed by a Primary School Principal with the aim of giving children all of the social, physical and intellectual skills required to easily join their respective schools in the coming years. We develop problem solving skills, build on social skills, introduce structured literacy skills (talking, listening, reading and writing), and develop foundation numeracy skills. Your child will be encouraged to take responsibility for their belongings, to help care for their classroom, to ask for assistance when required, and to independently deal with conflict with their peers.

Our qualified educators use observations, Photo’s, art work and input from families to develop individual planning for your child. We work with you in preparing your child for the transition to school and will give you guidance and advice as you and your child reach this new milestone.