Welcome to planet Kindy

At Planet Kindy we provide a secure environment that has a warm, friendly, relaxed and open atmosphere which is stimulating for children, parents, staff and community members.

We avoid bias by recognising that each child comes to the centre with a different set of experiences, knowledge, interests, cultural backgrounds and sometimes special needs.

We seek to build on each child’s experiences by providing a child centred approach to learning, based on individual children’s strengths, interests and individual needs.

We follow and support quality principles and beliefs, but we never lose sight of the fact that we have a diversity of cultures, practices and beliefs among the children at the service.

To this end we actively strive to ensure we are sensitive to the many beliefs, practices and cultures of our children and their families.

The children are provided with opportunities to increase their awareness and acceptance of others.

A positive approach is used in guiding children’s behaviour and developing autonomy.

Children are encouraged to express feelings and deal constructively with negative emotions.

Both planned and spontaneous experiences reflect our belief that children learn through play and that all children can achieve success.

We nurture in the children a strong sense of self worth, as confidence and a high self esteem are key aspects of successful learning.

What we do

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